WATCH: Compton Bikini Prank Almost Turns Fatal – Did They Go Too Far?

WARNING: This video is not suitable for young readers. Discretion is advised.

It’s all fun and games until someone pulls a gun. That’s what happened when a group of guys decided to don some revealing banana hammocks and prank passersby on the streets of Compton, California.

In the video, titled “How to Win a Street Fight in Compton GUN PULLED!!!” the team from TwinzTV decided to suit-up in shockingly revealing “mankinis” underneath their normal street clothes. Then they took to the streets of Compton and went looking for fights with strangers, trying to provoke random people into a reaction.

Once the strangers escalate the situation, the TwinzTV guess strip to reveal their neon underwear.

The reactions of the strangers are hilarious—and in one case, nearly fatal.

Most of the shocked men runaway when confronted by the team’s packages, but one guy actually seems to pull a gun on them!

Check out the full prank in the video above and let us know what you think. Is this harmlessly hilarious fun, or did they go too far with this?

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