Top 8 Shocking Modern Sightings of Mythical Monsters (8 Pics + 4 VIDEOS)

When you think of mythical creatures and monsters, you probably think of fairy tales and folklore. But, these 8 beings were recently spotted in real life, and the evidence will make you believe in the existence of the supernatural. From dragons to mermaids, these recent reports will creep you out.

1. Pixies: Cornwall, UK, 2015


This story is perhaps one of the most mysterious pieces of evidence of the supernatural. Some workers in an animal rescue centre had found a human skeleton. However, it was only an inch tall. Nobody has been able to explain how this skeleton got there, but it’s size and features surely resemble a pixie.

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3. El Chupacabra: Texas, USA, 2007



Reports of the legendary El Chupacabra have been recorded since 1995. However, the sighting that proved to be the truest happened in 2007, in Texas. Phylis Canion found the remains of the creature just outside her ranch. It was thoroughly examined, and the shocking thing was that the body resembled a dog, while the head of the creature did not resemble any known species. It is also said that this same creature had killed many farm animals in the area.

4. Leprechaun: Alabama, USA, 2006



There was a crowd massing in Mobile, Alabama in 2006. When a camera crew from a local television station arrived, the group reported that many people saw a leprechaun in a tree. Some of the witnesses had made a sketch, and the mystery has never been solved.

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6. Unicorns: Caithness, Scotland, 2012



A unicorn was spotted in the historic Castle of Old Wick, in the north of Scotland. Apparently, hikers were visiting the castle, when they saw the creature. The hikers claimed that they scared the unicorn and that it looked exactly like the magical white beings that we see in movies.

7. Mermaids: Kiryat Yam, Israel, 2013



These ancient sea creatures have almost become a familiar sight in a small town on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. There have been hundreds of sightings in Kiryat Yam over the last 15 years. In fact, officials are offering a million-dollar prize to anyone who can provide the video proof.

8. We Don’t Know if This Video Won, but You Should See for Yourself


9. Dragons: Powys, Wales, 2001



Wales is famous for dragon sightings – the Welsh flag even has a dragon on it. In 2001, two quarry workers in central Wales spotted a something. The creature was “two and a half foot in length, serpentine dragon with four limbs and a head resembling that of a seahorse.” They watched the flying dragon for 4 minutes until it disappeared into some caves. The most peculiar thing was that they claimed the dragon didn’t have any wings. Since then, sightings of the same looking creature have often been reported.

10. Werewolves: Stoke, England, 2006



In 2006, some bikers spotted a half-man-half-wolf creature on a road outside of Stoke. They described it as “a tall, black wolf-like creature on two legs”. There have been many other reports of werewolves appearing on the roads that lead to this town in England’s Midlands. Since then, additional video equipment has been installed on the roads to document the appearances of the werewolves.

11. Yeti: Pyrenees, Spain, 2016



We’ve all heard stories of the monstrous creature that was 6ft tall, with the strength to tear a man in half. This sighting from a mountain range on the border between Spain and France is the scariest.

12. This Video Sparked a Full Search of the Area and Panic among the Locals:


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