‘Ta Fei Kei’ Ninja Is Causing Chaos At University Campus


A man covered from head to toe in dark sheets has been going around the university campus terrorizing students. The ninja puts on his home-made stealth outfit and visits a particular students’ house to masturbate while peeping into the window. It has allegedly happened on 4 different occasions. But seriously. Why tho? The student house is home to students from the nearby University of Washington.

He was first witness doing his obscene actions on January 10 and then caught on camera a month later. The surveillance footage makes his costume appear white due to night vision, but he is in fact dressed entirely in dark clothing and covering his face with a t-shirt.


While a lot people ask “why????”, some just dismissed this man as a pure creep. The Seattle police are still on the hunt for the man and hope to catch him soon before he scares more students around the area. Good luck trying to catch a ninja!

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