These Police Officers Shared 13 Craziest Things That Happened to Them on Duty

Here are 13 funniest situations involving cops.


An officer noticed a teenage girl stealing a pregnancy test and heading to the toilet. She was about 13 years old and after 10 minutes she came out crying. He didn’t arrest her for shoplifting because he thought she went through enough troubles for one day.

2. Hide and Seek


An old lady called the police because she noticed some strange activities in her neighborhood. When the officers came, they found a group of 21-year-old boys playing hide and seek. They didn’t want to spoil the game, so they ended up playing with them instead.

3. In the Club


A police officer who worked part-time as a bouncer at a night club advised parents not to let their children near these places. Young people that came here were involved in drugs, unprotected sex, and alcohol. Sometimes, it could be a really unpleasant experience to throw out drunk and horny couples.

4. Party


Officers got a call from a neighbor complaining about a teenage party which probably included some underage drinking and drugs. Indeed, they found bottles of vodka, rum, marijuana and some pills. But it turned out that everything was fake! They filled the bottles with water, used oregano as marijuana and aspirin as pills. The whole thing was staged so that these kids could brag on social media.

5. Jump


A boy was trying to jump off from the end of a public boat dock with his bike. A police officer from the nearby station saw him and said that he was sure that the boy was doing something illegal. He couldn’t find out what, so he advised him to be careful and wished him good luck.

6. Crane


Two drunken teenagers had a genius plan to climb on top of a tall crane. Luckily, the crane was located right across the street from a police station, and the police caught them immediately.

7. Rape


Some police officers got a call because there was a noise coming out of an apartment – a male was threatening to rape a 12-year-old girl, and there was a female voice that kept screaming. When they opened the door they found three guys and a girl playing Halo and wearing headphones. They couldn’t help but laugh, and they gave them a noise warning.

8. Blue Angels


A police officer found three boys hiding in a sewage pipe and trying to make “blue angels”. They were attempting to light their farts on fire. One of the boys was kneeling with his pants down, and other was holding the lighter close to his buttocks. He told them to come out, and he explained to them that that this could harm them, and that they may get a bad reputation.

9. Gentlemen’s Agreement


A boy was driving around with his girlfriend who was just resting her head on his lap. An officer of the law stopped them and told them that he could arrest them for public indecency, but that he understood that they’re young and in love. So he turned a blind eye and they “got away” this time.

10. Trampoline


The police got a call from a woman who spotted 2 little girls jumping on a trampoline and hitting themselves with a huge purple sex toy. They didn’t know what it was, and they confiscated it because it had sparkles and looked nice. The police officers returned the sex toy to the ashamed mother in an evidence bag.

11. Just Playing


A group of friends was goofing around by chasing themselves around a parking lot while holding plastic replicas of guns. A waitress saw them, panicked, and she called cops. Luckily, they noticed that the guns weren’t real and that the kids were just playing, so they didn’t open fire.

12. Shoes


A police officer caught a young offender trying to steal alcohol from a store. When he looked at his worn out shoes, he stated that he should steal some shoes instead. They both laughed.

13. Speeding Ticket


A Cop pulled over a guy and wanted to write him a ticket, but he couldn’t find out what for. After half an hour of going through his manual, he gave him a simple speeding ticket.


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