Are You An Old Soul? What It Means And How You Can Tell

Are You An Old Soul? What It Means And How You Can Tell

You may have heard the phrase, “Oh, he or she is an old soul” when referring to people. Sometimes people will even say this about a young child or baby! So what exactly does it mean? Do souls really have an age? If so how can you tell?


In reality we are all old souls. Most of us have been on this planet many, many times before. Some however, have been here longer or more times than others. Therefore some have had more experiences. Honestly though, we are truly eternal beings and the concept of time or “old” is just relative to our linear thinking in this dimension. But for argument’s sake, we can refer to old and young souls when discussing reincarnation and the spiritual journey.

In reality we are all old souls. Most of us have been on this planet many, many times before.

An old soul has been around the block a few times when it comes to lifetimes on the earthly plane. He or she has incarnated many times. So in actuality a newborn baby could have a very old soul, while the parents could have younger souls. Strange but true! Being an old soul isn’t necessarily better or worse than being a young one, it’s just different. Every soul gets their turn at life lessons on earth or in some other existence. Some can evolve more quickly than others, and some choose different paths. It is what it is and it’s all in divine order.


The funny thing is that most old souls already sense that they are old souls. They have an inner knowing about things without any logical or ready explanation. It’s as if they “know by knowing.” If you feel that way about yourself, chances are you’re an old soul.

Aside from feeling it in your core, most old souls feel a certain disconnection from the earth. While they appreciate it and try to bond with it, there is a nagging feeling that this planet isn’t their true home. It’s just a temporary residence to learn certain lessons, not unlike being away at college. If you can relate, then you’re probably an old soul.

If you have an affinity for certain periods of history, this could also be an indication. Many old souls know or suspect that they had previous lives during different eras. Often they appreciate more than one historical time. They might love Ancient Egypt, the European Middle Ages and Colonial America all at once! They might gravitate towards movies, books and even antiques and clothing from their favorite eras. Look at the popularity of pirate parties, Civil War reenactments and Renaissance fairs. Bet there are a lot of old souls at those events!

Most old souls tend to have a philosophical outlook on life. When troubles arise, they view them as challenges or learning opportunities. While they still react emotionally to difficulties, they are able to see the big picture in such scenarios. Even when good things happen, they appreciate the blessings but try to take everything in stride. They see it all as just part of the journey. If that sounds like you, then it’s likely you’re an old soul.

Do you have any supernatural abilities? Spiritual and psychic gifts are also common among old souls. Whether it’s true clairvoyance, the ability to sense energy or a great deal of empathy, old souls understand that they have powers beyond the physical. Even if those talents are not apparent, they usually have great interest in developing their spiritual sides.


Whether you think you are an old soul or not, realize that you have a beautiful lifetime journey ahead of you on this planet. Know that your soul has a plan and a purpose for being here. Embrace your time here and learn all that you can!

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