Hermeticism in a Nutshell



It is like a great wave washing over you upon the realization of the inner light. The voice speaks to you, sings to you, you are the notes in its song when you hear the music. It plays like a drum, deep, resounding, each note a moment in time, and time itself is the space between the notes.

There are many songs, but only One song if you know what I mean. If you don’t consider, it like a large tree that spans the entire planet. The roots so deep, they touch each other through the planet. The leaves breathe the same air, across hundreds of thousands of branches, vines, fruit, and leaves. One contained system, one contained thought, perpetually and everlastingly changing, growing, breathing together: It is the life force of the cosmos itself.

It is you. It is I. It is all of us, together, as one, and everything around us. It is the land from which we grow the food we eat. It is the air the birds sky through, it is the ecosystem, it is the clockwork of the planets above our head, it is spiral of the Galaxy, it is the Song of the Universe. It is the Mind of God, and the Thoughts that it Thinks.

Hermeticism is a description of THAT.


And this is vital that we discuss, today, if we are to grow into the species we were born to be. It is through great collective understanding that great change will occur, and we as a species need to begin to understand the way of the Universe around us.

The bibles of the world all offer much wisdom, there has yet to be a simple, understandable Tome that can be understood by All…

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