After This Fan Theory, Batman Will Never Be the Same

Batman’s story begins with his parents being gruesomely gunned down by a criminal. But, no one has ever considered this: what if Bruce Wayne was in fact, the cause of their deaths? This Batman theory will blow your mind!

1. What if This Story Was True?


Consider the theory: Joe Chill might not have killed Batman’s parents. But, who did?

2. In the Beginning


It all begins with Batman defeating his biggest nemesis in the present day. As the nemesis’ last move, he sends Batman back to the past. He arrives at the moment before his parents died.

3. The Future and the Past


Batman’s suit was destroyed. He finds some ragged clothes to wear and starts to walk towards a dark alley. In the distance, he sees a young Bruce Wayne. The young versions of himself and his parents walk towards him.

4. Waiting for Joe Chill


He waited for Joe Chill, the original murderer of his parents, to appear. Joe never came, his parents just got a short glimpse of him, and they walked by.

5. The Touch of Cold Metal


At that moment, Bruce realized the reason his nemesis sent him back to the past. As he started to shiver, he found a cold metal object in his pocket.

6. Destiny Calls Only for the Strongest


As he took his hand out, he was holding a gun. This was the moment where it was going to be decided if he should become Batman. Should he break his vow of not killing anyone, and deprive the world of its savior? Gotham and the world would be doomed without him.

7. The Critical Moment


He remembered all of those words he heard in the dark as a young boy. The words came out of his mouth. His parents turned towards him, and a loud bang flashed through the night.

8. The Ultimate Sacrifice


He paid the ultimate price of sacrificing his parents to become Batman. Bruce started to fall apart for what he had done.

9. The Madness of a Lost Soul


The burden was too big. As he watched his young self crying over the bodies of his dead parents, Batman went insane.

10. The Sorrow


His sorrow was unmeasurable. He couldn’t stand himself for what he did. Bruce couldn’t stand the fact that he had to kill his parents to become Batman!

11. The Jump Into Darkness


Batman ran away and climbed to the highest point of a bridge. He could see Gotham beneath him. He jumped into the cold water…

12. The Laughter of a Madman


A few hours later, the dock workers pulled out a body from the water. He was pale but alive. There was no ID card, only a gun in his pocket. A police officer stated that he heard the unidentified man laughing. It was the laugh of a madman who experienced the best joke in the world. The Batman was gone.

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