Deadpool’s 12 Hilariously Obvious Easter Eggs and In-Jokes

We’ve been hearing about Deadpool a lot, but this is not without reason. Yeah, everyone knows that Deadpool is simply one of the greatest and funniest superhero movies and characters ever! Check out these awesome easter eggs and references that the movie couldn’t help but show you.

1. There Are Several Hugh Jackman Easter Eggs


Our main man, Wade Wilson, first appeared on the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so, Hugh Jackman is often referenced in Deadpool. His face is on a fake cover of People magazine, his character gets namechecked in the line “rhymes with Pulverine”, and is also seen in that hilarious scene where Deadpool staples a cut-out drawing of Wolverine’s face to his own head.

2. Another X-Men Reference


After Deadpool’s brutal freeway rampage, Colossus attempts to take Deadpool to the X-Men mansion by force and wonders how Professor X will respond to what happened. Deadpool asks him “McAvoy or Stewart?” reffering to the the last names of the two different actors who portrayed the professor.

3. Ryan Reynolds’ First Portrayal of Deadpool


When Ajax, the main villain claims he will sew Deadpool’s mouth shut, he is referring to Ryan Reynolds’ horrible portrayal of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Reynolds doesn’t even resemble the lovable character from this year’s movie!

4. Reynolds Starred in Another Superhero Movie


This statement refers his horrible costume in the Green Lantern. Reynolds was the main hero of this movie but his costume was horrible and the movie was a flop.

5. The Blade 2 Easter Egg


While looking for Deadpool, the villains Ajax and Angel Dust find his best friend, Weasel, who mentions another Marvel movie. These two are dressed in black leather coats, so Weasel asks them if they are going to watch Blade 2. Ryan Reynolds also stars in Blade Trinity!

6. You Can Also See Marvel’s Marrow!


This is another one for the fans: in this scene you can see this girl-creature with bones sticking out of it. This is actually the superhero called Marrow who can create bones and use them to fight her enemies.

7. Only Deadpool Can Get Away with This One


When he says “Wow, this is such a big house, but I only ever see the two of you here. It’s like the studio didn’t have enough money for any more X-Men”, Deadpool is referring to the cost cuts that 20th Century Fox imposed on the movie. There was a big incident on set where the filmmakers had 48 hours to make a 7 million dollar budget cut!

8. The Stan Lee Cameo


Marvel’s greatest mastermind, Stan Lee always has a cameo in the movies that are inspired by his creations. And this one was one of his best! He can be seen as a hilarious old DJ in a strip club and he even announces the name of the next performer.

9. Another Fake Magazine Cover


See if you can spot this one during the car crash in the opening scene. The slow motion shot reveals the face of the Sexiest Man alive. Or do you prefer Huge Jackedman?

10. The Spider-Man References


The “bitten by a radioactive Shar-Pei” line is absolutely hilarious. Deadpool also says “your friendly neighborhood pool guy”, referring to Spidey’s iconic line.

11. Batman and Robin


Yeah, Deadpool and Blind Al joke constantly that they’re like these two bros. You can also hear the theme song from the oldie live action Batman TV show playing in the background in one scene.

12. The After Credits Scenes


The first scene features a nod-off to Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, Samuel L. Jackson, and hints that the sequel will feature the mutant character named Cable.
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