The Boy Saw Something in the Lake, But When He Got Closer… No Way!

An Estonian lake kept a secret for more than half a century… Take a look and see what they found!

1. Kurtna Matasjarv Lake, Estonia

A boy was having a walk at the banks of Kurtna Matasjarv Lake in Estonia when he noticed something strange.

2. Bubbles Were Coming Out of the Lake and No Trees Were Growing on a Specific Spot

He Called the Adults and They Started Excavating.

3. There Were so Many People!


What was it that they were looking at?

4. Huge Metal Hatch

The locals called the authorities and got proper equipment.

5. After a While, They Realized That It’s a Large Metal Object They Were Trying to Pull Out


6. But They Still Had Trouble Getting It Out


They had to use a lot of equipment.

7. There Was so Much Mud


They had to wash away the ground.

8. Everyone Took Photos


The thing that was found was incredibly heavy and it amazed everybody.

9. It Was Getting Closer!


Look at all the people!

10. It Was a TANK from WWII

11. The Tank Was Perfectly Preserved (Not Exactly in Working Order, but Still).


12. Hidden for More Than Half a Century

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