This amazing house has an actual fir growing right in the center of it

For many of us, gardening is a hobby, perhaps even a passion. And some people have mastered this craft so well that just growing lemon trees, cacti or flowers indoors seems uninteresting and boring. Aibek Almassov, a Kazakhstan-based architect, is one of them. He came up with the idea of growing an actual fir tree inside a building, and designed a ’forest house’ made of glass and built around a full-grown tree.

’’The tree in the house’’ is a unique project that allows you to feel totally at one with nature.


The building, of course, will be located in a forest.


The house includes a kitchen, a living room and a restroom. The only thing lacking here is perhaps a full-fledged bedroom.


The owner will climb the white winding stairs in order to get to the upper floors of this 40-feet building.


In the evening, they’ll be able to enjoy their favorite book in complete silence, surrounded by the calm of nature. It’s a real introvert’s paradise!


The building is set in lush greenery.


This house will offer the opportunity to many people to escape from their stuffy concrete apartments and unite with nature. What a fantastic idea!


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