9 Mysterious Photos No One Has Been Able to Explain Yet

Photographs should document the objective reality of life. Having said that, we should really find an explanation for these 9 incredibly bizarre images.

1. Count Their Hands


The boy in the Slipknot T-shirt has an extra thumb growing out of his ear.

2. A Visitor from the Future


This photo will make you consider the possibility of time travelling because it was taken in 1941. The man is clearly dressed differently than you would expect people to dress like in the ’40s.

3. The Unusual Lights in Phoenix


People are seeing strange lights and believing that aliens are around us all the time. These unusual lights in Phoenix have been reported from all over the area, but the government claims that they are part of an Air Force training procedure.

4. The Incident on Falcon Lake


The person lying down in this photo is Stefan Michalak. He claimed to have a close encounter with a UFO that landed on Falcon Lake in Canada. When they opened the door, he heard voices in his head and when they closed it, hot air from the UFO left this peculiar burn mark on his chest.

5. Mysterious Black Object


No one can explain what the object in this picture actually is. Americans took the picture in 1998 and it appears to be something similar to an ancient satellite station.

6. The Alien Man


The man who took this photo of his daughter noticed an odd figure when he developed the photos. He didn’t notice it while he was taking the photo and we have to admit that it looks a lot like a visitor from outer space.

7. The Babushka Lady


The FBI is still searching for this mysterious woman who took a photo of Kennedy’s assassination and then disappeared.

8. The Dyatlov Pass Incident


Seven Soviet mountaineers were found dead in 1959 under some very strange circumstances. They were barefoot, their clothes contained an enormous ammount of radiation, and one of them was missing a tongue.

9. UFO on the Background


Behind Virgin Mary’s left shoulder is an unidentified round object. It could be anything, but it’s oddly similar to the shapes of UFOs.

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