22 Unusual and Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Beaches

The Sea has always been a mystery to us. Sometimes, it can reveal a secret from the depths by washing them up on the shore. The sea can surprise us with the most unusual things that some of us once lost.

1. The Jewels of the Sea


The shards of glass that were once cast away as garbage return to us as beautifully shaped pebbles. Now they look like valuable jewels rather than trash.

2. A Stack of Letters for Loved Ones


A stack of 57 letters for a loved one was found by a girl named Kathleen Mullen in 2012. The letters were love messages between Dorothy Fallon and Lynn Farnham. They were all written in the 1940s during WWII.

3. A Bike That Crossed the Ocean


In this photo taken by Canadian Peter Mark in the end of April, 2012, and released on Wednesday, May 2, a Harley-Davidson motorbike lies on a beach in Graham Island, western Canada. Japanese media say the motorcycle lost in last year's tsunami washed up on the island about 6,400 kilometers (4,000 miles) away. The rusted bike was originally found by Mark in a large white container where its owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, had kept it. The container was later washed away, leaving the motorbike half-buried in the sand. Yokoyama, who lost three members of his family in the March 11, 2011, tsunami, was located through the license plate number, Fuji TV reported Wednesday. (AP Photo/Kyodo News, Peter Mark) JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT, NO LICENSING IN CHINA, HONG KONG, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA AND FRANCE

A man from Japan lost everything in the tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. After some time and 3,000 miles of distance, this bike ended up on the shores of British Columbia in 2012! The bike was then returned to its owner.

4. The Sea Goes Bananas


A large cargo of bananas was lost during a sea storm. Just a few days after, many people started collecting the ”sea bananas” that washed up on the shores of 2 Dutch islands.

5. Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Bone


A mammoth bone was found on the beach one day by a hungry dog. This happy little fellow didn’t know that he stumbled upon a 2-million-year-old fossil of a woolly mammoth bone.

6. E.T. Comes Home

E.T. returns home!..A stolen life-size replica of E.T. has come home - after a coastguard search  for a 'body' washed up with the tide turned out to be the model alien...Pensioner Margaret Wells, 76, is delighted to have been reunited with her beloved E.T. which was handcrafted by her daughter nine years ago.  It was stolen - along with a haul of jewellery and an iron - from Mrs Wells' home in Cosham, Hants, in September.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS...Pictured:  Margaret Wells, reunited with her beloved E.T...© Solent News & Photo Agency.UK +44 (0) 2380 458800.

In 2011, Margaret Wells’ valuable things were stolen during a burglary. The most important item was a figurine of E.T. handcrafted by her daughter. However, a couple of months later, people found her figurine floating in the sea, and E.T. was finally home.

7. Swivel Gun


This Australian boy couldn’t take a smile off his face after finding this old swivel gun on the beach.

8. Grand Piano


A beach in South Florida was the final destination of this old grand piano.

9. Whale Vomit


This dog found a lump of whale vomit and made his master a fortune. This disgusting thing is used to make perfumes. The cost of this raw material is immense.

10. The Floating Container


Shipping containers were once made of hard materials so that they would sink quickly. But today, they are made out of light metals, like polystyrene, so they can float around until they reach a shore.

11. Flyswatter


Various goods get lost in the ocean during storms, but people can easily find things like these flyswatters when they wash ashore.

12. The Adventures of Rubber Ducklings


These little rubber ducklings were lost during a sea storm. But their loss was not in vain. The scientists who recovered them found some extremely valuable information about the sea currents and the flow of sea garbage.

13. The Eye of the Sea


A gigantic eye the size of a softball was discovered on the shores of Pompano Beach, Florida. The eye was then immediately sent to a research team. The team could not determine to who or to what the eye belonged to.

14. The Training Explosive Mine That Escaped


In 2011, a training mine washed up on a shore, and it caused panic among the locals. It was later declared that a Navy training mine somehow ended up there.

15. Active Mines from WWII


After WWII, more than a hundred active bombs ended up ashore.

16. Sea Aliens


More than a thousand of these little sea aliens came ashore one day. Velella or commonly known as By-The-Wind Sailor is a type of Hydrozoa creature. It freaked out the locals because of its alien appearance.

17. When the Sea Gave Us Doritos


When they heard that unopened Doritos washed ashore, these people arrived as fast as possible. The shore was cleaned out in a couple of hours.

18. Dangerous Waters


Some wrapped drugs were found on the shores of Texas in 2015.

19. Nike Sneakers and Sports Shoes


This Nike cargo loss happened in Northeast Pacific, in May 1990. Many Nike shoes were washed ashore.

20. The Sea Monster of St. Augustine


The sea monster of St. Augustine was discovered by two boys in 1896. In 2004, experts concluded that this wasn’t a monster, but that it was the carcass of a whale.

21. Lego Pebbles


Even LEGO cubes can show up on the beach. Watch your feet, or you will scream if you step on them! In fact, nearly 5 million cubes got washed up on UK shores in 1997.

22. The Bottle That Found Its Destination


In 1784, a shipwrecked sailor from Japan, Chunosuke Matsuyama sent a message in a bottle just before he passed away. 151 years later, his message was found on the shores of his village!


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