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    14 Biggest Makeup Transformations for Movie Roles

    Movie makeup is definitely an art form on its own. To prove that, we’ve chosen 14 actors you would never recognize without makeup. 1. Tilda Swinton – Madame D. “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, 2014 2. Steve Carell – John Du Pont, “Foxcatcher”, 2014 3. Jared Leto – Rayon Dallas, “Buyers Club”, 2013 4. Gary Oldman […]

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    Ten signs you actually enjoy solitude

    According to beliefs prevalent in modern society, a person can only achieve harmony and self-fulfilment by finding true love. But, what if you still haven’t met that all-important person? What if, given a choice, you’d prefer staying in bed with a blanket over your head to socializing with friends and relatives? Does this mean there’s something wrong with you? Fear not — all of this is far from […]