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    22 Unusual and Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Beaches

    The Sea has always been a mystery to us. Sometimes, it can reveal a secret from the depths by washing them up on the shore. The sea can surprise us with the most unusual things that some of us once lost. 1. The Jewels of the Sea The shards of glass that were once cast […]

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    13 Symbols of American Secret Societies

    We will show you what the symbols of American secret societies look like. Even though their dealings are mysterious, many secret societies have beautiful visual identities. 1. Friendship Love and Truth – The Independent Order of Odd Fellows 2. The All Seeing Eye of Deity – Freemasons 3. From Darkness to Light – Freemasons 4. […]

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    12 Chilling Photos of the Costa Concordia, a Sunken Ship

    Sailing was the only way to travel across continents back in the old days, and many still prefer it. However, traveling by ship is slightly more dangerous than traveling by plane. Costa Concordia is the proof of that.   1. The Costa Concordia The Costa Concordia was a massive cruise ship with 4200 people on […]

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    Four logic puzzles for kids that will definitely leave you scratching your head

    Have you ever had the feeling that your child is getting way smarter than you when riddles or homework from his or her school left you stumped and speechless? We have. Try to solve these four simple puzzles that elementary school children seem to be able to solve in an instant. Puzzle 1. A parking spot This simple puzzle was given to first graders in Hong Kong as an entrance exam. […]

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    Why are modern relationships so fragile?

    Modern relationships often seem to be afflicted almost with a sense of opportunism, where comfort is the main priority for each individual. We can stay with another person as long as harmony and love reign in our relationship with them. As soon as disagreement and quarrels begin to replace the euphoria, however, we start looking for another one. Every couple faces various kinds of problems. 1. We’re not prepared. […]

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    It took this man only six weeks and $9,000 to build his dream home

    Photographer and musician Steve Areen has always been a man of action; he’s not the type to wait around for good things to happen. So when an ambitious idea for his dream home popped into Steve’s head, he got to work immediately. A friend gave him a part of his mango grove in Thailand, then Steve developed a design with the help of local specialists. Then he just went out […]

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    This inventive guy wrote the best ad in history in order to sell his parrot

      Once upon a time, Alex, a proud parrot owner from Moscow, put out an ad to find a new home for his feathered friend. We here at Bright Side are sure that he not only succeeded in his sale but quite possibly landed a job as a copywriter. Because damn, the man can write. A Venezuelan Jungle parrot for sale. Moving house, so can’t take this guy with me. At first, […]

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    20 funny animals that love exploring the world around them

    We’ll probably never find out why animals lick windows and glass objects; scientists say that it might be their way of exploring the world around them or to find out how this strange, shiny thing works. These furry little friends were caught right in the middle of their scientific research. They’ll definitely make you smile! Aren’t they just adorable? Image source : […]

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    15 Celebs and Their Russian Doppelgangers

    “Hey wait, I know you from somewhere!” – That must have crossed your mind when you saw someone who looked familiar, before you realized it’s actually a celebrity. How about some random people who just happen to have similar faces to some of the celebs you see almost every day on TV… It’s a funny […]

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    This Incredible Ghost Town Is Not Really Abandoned

    There is a secret hiding in a small town in the Australian outback. What looks like a completely abandoned ghost town is something else entirely. Check out what these photographers discovered! 1. Coober Pedy, Australia, Is One of the Weirdest Towns in the World 2. It’s Located in the Middle of Nowhere 3. Coober Pedy […]

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    After This Fan Theory, Batman Will Never Be the Same

    Batman’s story begins with his parents being gruesomely gunned down by a criminal. But, no one has ever considered this: what if Bruce Wayne was in fact, the cause of their deaths? This Batman theory will blow your mind! 1. What if This Story Was True? Consider the theory: Joe Chill might not have killed […]

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    These 12 Famous Masterpieces Cost THIS Much…

    The creators of these famous masterpieces have died without a dollar in their pockets. However, right after they passed away, the price of their paintings went up! You’ll be amazed by how much money people actually spent on these 13 famous masterpieces. Are they worth the price? 1. The Card Players by Paul Canne, 1893. […]

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    25 Most Dedicated Office Pranksters

    Sometimes it’s okay to make a good office prank, but these guys just went too far. Even though these were hilarious, the pranksters responsible for them are probably out of work.   1. The Crime Scene 2. ”U-MAD-BRO” 3. He Should Be Happy if That Is His Favorite Snack 4. A Colorful World 5. Let’s […]