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    Ayahuasca: A Story of Death, Rebirth and Love

      “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” – Schopenhauer The Ayahuasca experience was the most intense, spiritual, emotional, mind-blowing, frightening and loving experience I have ever had. Nothing could have prepared me for the inner journey I am about to describe. Because I believe […]

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    These Are The 30 Weirdest Things To Ever Happen In Japan

    These Are The 30 Weirdest Things To Ever Happen In Japan

    If you’ve never seen someone play pantyhose tug of war with their head, you’re in for a seriously WTF surprise. 1. I’ve always thought my bras could be more functional 2. This very important artistic endeavor 3. This alien sport that no one should ever participate in 4. This extremely important noodle-drip guard 5. “Hey […]

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    10 Worst Wedding Gifts You Can Give to Somebody

    If you are about to get married, you probably don’t want to get bombarded with useless or sometimes very distasteful gifts. Here are some examples of what to avoid when shopping for wedding gifts. 1. Beer Mugs Dressed as the Bride and the Groom Are Not the Best Choice 2. Don’t Ever Buy Him That […]

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    25 Awesomest Lego Creations of All Time

    Lego can give you countless opportunities to create something new and unique, and these people proved themselves to be the masters of Lego creations. 1. The Little Hedgehog 2. The Dune Sandworm 3. Batman Statue 4. Battleship Plane Carrier 5. Aladdin and the Genie 6. Tony and Sam 7. Big Cruser 8. Different Dog Races […]

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    15 of the most inspiring shots from 2015

    Sometimes a single picture can tell a story that evokes a whirlwind of emotions. It’s images like this that appear on a daily basis in our ’Photo of the Day’. Sometimes it’s all about the perfect angle, an interesting moment, a beautiful landscape, or a unique phenomenon. Very often it’s just a reflection of our daily life documented in all its glory by photographers from around the world. Oasis I found a mini-world […]

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    This kitten was adopted by a family of ferrets and now thinks she’s one of them

    Starving and alone, Komari the kitten was found when she was just a few weeks old. A family of five ferrets gladly accepted her as their own, and immediately surrounded her with all the care and love she required. Komari quickly became an important part of the furry squad, and now seems to believe that she’s actually a ferret. Source: boredpanda

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    10 Most Beautiful Views From The Top Of Famous Landmarks

    There are many things that can leave someone breathless, aside from grinding out a triathlon or spending time at high altitudes. The sight of a bride on her wedding day may take the breath from a groom-to-be. But sometimes it’s not a life event at all, but the mere sight of something awe-inspiring. You stand […]

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    Top 11 Worst Jobs You Can Get in the US

    Things are changing very quickly on the job market, so it could easily turn out that what is considered to be a terrific job one day turns out to be a total disaster the next day. 1. Dairy Farmers It’s a highly demanding job that involves all-day commitment and taking care of the animals that […]

  • 18 truly impressive photos we’ve never seen before

    18 truly impressive photos we’ve never seen before

    Life is way more interesting and captivating than any movie and video game combined. Unique things are right there in front of our eyes, and sometimes we don’t even notice them. Look a little closer, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the diversity and perfection of the world. To prove this to you, we’ve collected some very interesting photos that you most certainly have never seen […]

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    15 stunning bird’s eye views from around the world

    Creative photographers from AirPano make truly amazing aerial photos and virtual tours of the most interesting locations on our planet. When you look at these panoramic pictures, you realize you’ve never seen the world from this very perspective. Westerdok district in Amsterdam, Netherlands St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia Central Park in New York, USA Iguazu Falls, on the border of Argentine and […]