19 Times Lazy People … *Sigh*

19 Times Lazy People ... *Sigh*


Clearly they got the right guy to write this article. I am a master of the art of laziness. My personal record of hitting snooze on my alarm clock is 3 hours, and I have every intention of breaking that record one day. If you saw me in my chair right now, I have a slouch that would make Monty Burns blush, and have been compared to Slink from Toy Story for my ability to take up a ridiculous amount of room considering how skinny I am.
Needless to say, I am the physical embodiment of what a lazy person can accomplish (I do write on the internet after all).

If you’re tired of being a hardworking schmuck, take some advice from these lazy geniuses who clearly have life all figured out.
You know where to find us when you’re ready to throw in the towel.
Until then, I will be under my desk, probably napping.

1. This is why the machines will one day take over


2. Much like cats, people also get more use out of the box than the products inside it


3. To the person who doesn’t play by our vertical rules. You’re the worst.


4. When you’re an engineering student but have no job prospects


5. At least invest in an off-road vehicle? How’s your dog supposed to do its business on the pavement?


6. This is like the bird version of the hover board


7. If I could find a pair of pants that fits 6’3″ me, I’d probably do that too


8. What kind of monster eats like this?!


9. As long as I can see, that’s all I need


10. I don’t know if this is lazy or genius…no, it’s lazy


11. Cats. Is there anything they can’t do?


12. When you turn real life into a physics equation


13. They saw their chance. And they took it.


14. It honestly takes less water than that to just wash a cup


15. Ok, I was against driving your car, but if you want to walk your dog like this, I’m totally behind you…until the dog takes off in search of a squirrel


16. I mean, if it works, can it really be considered lazy?


17. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like this, willing to blow himself up to save a few precious seconds


18. The only thing that can slow this kid down is if he sneezes


19. This is the start of a poorly crafted knock-knock joke


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