15 Weirdest Things Forbidden in Other Countries, but Allowed in the U.S.

Every country has some strange laws, but this list of the most bizarre forbidden things from all around the world will amaze you.

1. Germany: Unisex Names


A baby’s name must refer to the biological gender, so you cannot use unisex names like Sam, Alex, etc.

2. Cuba: Incandescent Light Bulbs


In order to save power, it’s forbidden to waste electricity on the bulbs that require more power.

3. Bhutan: Tobacco


Since 2004, they have made the consumption, production and sale of tobacco illegal. That makes Bhutan the most rigid country in the world when it comes to nicotine addicts.

4. New Zealand: Turning Right on a Red Light


People of New Zealand drive on the left side of the street, so you must not turn right.

5. France: Ketchup


From 2011, ketchup is banned from school cafeterias in France because it’s considered a degradation of French cuisine.

6. Saudi Arabia: Valentine’s Day


In Saudi Arabia, the celebration is so strictly forbidden that it’s hard to find gifts, flowers, and chocolate during this period.

7. Sweden: Advertising to Children


Children under the age of 12 can be easily brainwashed because they can’t tell the difference between amusing programs and adverts. That’s why in Sweden you can not interfere with shows designed especially for them.

8. Russia: Ractopamine


In fact, Ractopamine is a chemical that could be very harmful to humans, so the real question is why isn’t it banned in the U.S.?

9. China: Avatar in 2D


The Chinese authorities didn’t like the idea behind this movie, so they decided to make it impossible to watch. They only permitted it in 2D, which is like total censorship because it’s really hard to find a 3D theater in China.

10. Iceland: Strip Clubs


Feminist organizations won a huge battle in 2011 and made strip clubs illegal for employers to gain profit.

11. Canada: Baby Walkers


Baby walkers have been banned because they are considered dangerous, useless and because they postpone the baby’s development.

12. Bangladesh: Plastic Bags


It was very eco-friendly to ban plastic bags in grocery stores. The governments of Italy and South Africa also made them illegal.

13. Singapore: Gum


No one could tell why, but chewing gum has been prohibited since 1992.

14. China: Time Travel


Just in case, the Chinese government censored all contents that include the mention of time travel. They are worried that it may give the public a false representation of history.

15. Iran: Ponytails on Men


The Iranian government issued a list of appropriate male hairstyles in 2010, which prohibited ponytails, mullets, and hair that was too spiky.

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