12 Interesting Facts That Could Make You Become a Weird Person

These 12 interesting facts will either make you the person that everybody likes or the person that everyone stays away from.

1. A Face without Muscles


Ever wondered how your face would look like without the muscles? Well, here is an interesting visualization of this inquiry.

2. Small Animals Experience Time Much Slower than Humans


Time does not flow the same way for humans and animals. Scientists discovered that smaller animals have a short lifespan, so they experience time much slower than humans.

3. Disney Was Kind of Supporting the Nazi Party


Disney might have encouraged German WWII propaganda by showing Donald Duck in a Nazi uniform while reading Mein Kampf.

4. The Tiny Pink Flesh in the Corner of Your Eyes


This tiny pink thing in the corner of your eyes is called the Plica Semilunaris. It is a rudimentary gift of evolution, back from the times when we had inner eyelids… They were similar to what birds have today.

5. The Green Mirrors


One thing you certainly didn’t know is that mirrors have a green hue, but you can’t see it when you look at a single mirror. The greenish hue will appear only if you look through a tunnel of mirrors.

6. The Best Spacesuit


Companies that make spacesuits and aerospace tech wanted to compete and find out who could come up with the best spacesuit for NASA. Playtex was the company who won the challenge. They invented the suit in six weeks.

7. Platypus Can Actually Make a Delicious Dessert


A platypus is a mammal that can produce milk, but it also lays eggs. That means that it can whip up some sweet custard for desert. Would you try it?

8. There Is No Chicken Salmonella in United Kingdom


It’s almost impossible to get salmonella from chicken in the UK. If you actually get it, it would mean that the bird wasn’t born and raised there, because all of UK’s chickens must be given a vaccine against the bacteria.

9. The Population Decline in Ireland


The Great Irish Famine was a period of mass starvation, disease, and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852. So many people died or emigrated, and the population won’t be able to fully recover until 2046.

10. The Bachelor T-Shirt


The gentlemen of the early 20th century could not be bothered to keep resewing the buttons on their shirts. So, in 1904, the T-shirt was invented. Just the following year, the navy ordered them for their officers.

11. Electric Cars Are Not Such a Modern Invention



In the 1900s, the electric car was a really common means of transport. In fact, it actually counted for a third of cars at that time.

12. You Can Never Plunge into a Memory When You Were Born


Our long term memory doesn’t develop until much later, so, we’ll never be able to remember the moments right after we were born.

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