12 Chilling Photos of the Costa Concordia, a Sunken Ship

Sailing was the only way to travel across continents back in the old days, and many still prefer it. However, traveling by ship is slightly more dangerous than traveling by plane. Costa Concordia is the proof of that.


1. The Costa Concordia


The Costa Concordia was a massive cruise ship with 4200 people on board.

2. Disaster


However, in January 2012, a disaster occurred when the ship had hit the rocks it was sailing close by.

3. The Captain


Captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, was held responsible for the ship’s demise, its abandonment, and deaths of 32 people on board.

4. The Enterior


Ship’s crew used to work in these rooms.

5. The Theater


The theater was one of the primary sources of entertainment on this ship.

6. Stairs to the Lower Deck


The ship sunk so deep, the lower deck hasn’t seen sunlight since the day it had sunk.

7. The Grand Halls


The grand halls feature beautiful murals that luckily haven’t been harmed by the seawater.

8. The Hallways


Bags of people trying to evacuate the ship can be found in its hallways.

9. The Command Room


The command room was where the ship’s crew fought with the captain over the ship’s accelerating speed.

10. The Bedrooms


Most of the beds on this ship have never been used since the ship sank soon after its first voyage.

11. The Casino


The survivors of the ship’s accident say that the casino was as entertaining as in those scenes from James Cameron’s Titanic.

12. The Wreck


Most of the ship looks as if it has been looted, which tells a tale of how serious the crash had been.


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