10 Most Destructive Tornadoes in the History of the World

The disasters of Mother Nature are often unexpected, and they cannot be prevented. They can cause severe damage while taking the lives of many people. Several tornadoes occur in the United States per year, and they are quite common all over the world, especially in Bangladesh. Check out the top 10 deadliest twisters that have ever been recorded.

1. May 13, 1996: Mirzapur-Madarganj, Bangladesh, 700 Fatalities


A single tornado roamed these areas of Bangladesh and killed approximately 700 people while destroying 30,000 homes.

2. April 17, 1973: Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj, Bangladesh, 681 Fatalities


Bangladesh has the highest number of tornadoes in the world. This tornado destroyed most of the area, including a whole village and 9 other towns.

3. 1951/1956: Valetta, Malta, 600 Fatalities


This one destroyed Valetta’s Grand Harbour and its shipping armada while killing 600 people.

4. March 18, 1925: Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, 750 Fatalities


Also known as the Tri-State tornado, this one tops the list as the deadliest tornado in the history of the U.S. There was a main tornado along with several small twisters. The damage was done to these three states along with Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, and Alabama. Up to 750 people died and the damage was colossal.

5. April 1, 1977: Madaripur-Shibchar, Bangladesh, 500 Fatalities


500 People died and hundreds were injured by this deadly tornado. It completely destroyed this area of Bangladesh and destroyes countless homes, trees and buildings in these villages.

6. April 11, 1964: Narail-Magura, Bangladesh, 500 Fatalities


Tornadoes can make people disappear. This is what happened in these areas of Bangladesh. 500 people were killed. The wrath of this tornado destroyed seven villages and the full extent of the damage was never recorded. To further add to the mystery, 400 of the people who died were never found.

7. December 8, 1851: Sicily, 500 Fatalities


This disaster happened more than a century ago in Sicily, back when the smaller states weren’t even united as Italy, the country we know today.

8. April 26, 1989: Daulatpur-Salturia, Bangladesh, 1,300 Fatalities


This natural catastrophe injured 12,000 people, destroyed 80,000 homes and killed 1,300 people. It was caused by extreme drought in these areas, and the size of the tornado is said to have been a mile wide.

9. April 14, 1969: East Pakistan, 660 Fatalities


This tornado struck an urban area in East Pakistan and killed 660 while injuring 4,000 people.

10. 1951, Comoro Islands: Africa, 500 Fatalities


Very little is known about this tornado, except for the fact that it killed 500 people who lived on this archipelago in 1951.

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